Completing the change from safariLIVE to WildEarth for our safaris

As most of you will know, we have transitioned from referring to our daily safaris as safariLIVE to WildEarth safaris since our partnership with National Geographic ended in mid-2019. This, to avoid confusion with both our old and new audiences as, while it had become commonplace to refer to all our safaris on Facebook, YouTube, [...]

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WE have launched a brand new shop

Just in time for Christmas, WE have launched a brand new shop. In fact, we have launched three new shops so that more of our viewers can buy WildEarth clothes and not have to pay expensive shipping costs. For our US viewers, we have a WildEarth shop on Teespring. If you want to check it [...]

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It,s getting hot, time to change the safari times!

From Tuesday 8th December WE will be starting our Sunset Safari half an hour later. South Africa is now in the heart of its summer and it's extremely hot until late in the day. WE need to keep in tune with our animals and. Going out later and staying out later will mean you will [...]

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