Just in time for Christmas, WE have launched a brand new shop. In fact, we have launched three new shops so that more of our viewers can buy WildEarth clothes and not have to pay expensive shipping costs.

For our US viewers, we have a WildEarth shop on Teespring. If you want to check it out please click here. All our items are priced in dollars and you will find a great variation of products with both WildEarth and special WildEarth Explorer branding on them.

For our South African viewers, we have Teeprint. If you live in South Africa and want to buy yourself or a loved one something nice for Christmas then this is the shop for you. You can find it here.  Again you will find a great selection of WildEarth and WildEarth Explorer branded clothing for all seasons.

For our UK and European viewers, we have Spreadshirt. If you live in the Uk or anywhere in Europe then this is the shop for you. You can find it here. There is a great range of products suitable for everyone so please take a look.

We are excited to bring out our brand new range of WildEarth Explorer items which is suitable for people who have subscribed to be an Explorer. If you have not yet signed up then please head over to wildearth.tv/become-a-wildearth-explorer to see how you can and what it would get you, in addition to supporting our daily broadcasts.

If you are not an Explorer yet, then you can find our shops here.