After a one-year absence, Wildearth will return to the Mara for 2022. And this time WE want you to come with and join us there. And not just to see the wildebeest migration first-hand but to be embedded in and part of the WildEarth crew that will share this natural wonder with the world. The WildEarth Mara 2022 Expeditions will be a unique combination of being on a private safari and helping to share the stunning beauty of the Mara with millions around the world.

These WildEarth Expeditions offer the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to not just have David Githu and Isaac Rotich as your guides, but to work with them to show off the Maasai Mara as the ultimate safari destination as you encounter the cat characters you’ve come to know and love, look for wildebeest crossings and take in the vistas of rolling plains from our camp at the top of the Oloololo escarpment. And tick of a morning balloon flight over the Mara of your bucket list (optional).

Learn what it takes to stream LIVE from remote locations, join in the planning of each day, support the tech team during checks and repairs, help the camera team with shooting footage and logging sightings… there are so many areas that could do with an extra hand, or two!

In the months before the Expeditions, you’ll join a number of virtual pre-Expedition meetings with your Expedition leader and people from different specialities in Wildearth to discuss how you can, and want to, contribute to the successful streaming of the wildebeest migration based on your skills, desire, and interests. Then, when the time comes and you and your fellow Expeditioneers land in the Mara to be welcomed by David and Isaac, you’ll be ready to go on the adventure of a lifetime.

WildEarth has selected six weeks in August and September of 2022 for six Expeditions at the time the wildebeest are most likely to be in the Mara Triangle in massive numbers. But, of course, there is more to the Mara than the migration. See the Sausage Tree and other lion prides and the North Clan of hyena, search for cheetah, laugh at cute Thomson’s gazelles, marvel at the magnificence of elephant and black rhino; the list is endless.

If you want to find out more about these Expeditions, please check out


Don’t miss out! Bookings open Sunday, August 22nd, at 18:30 CAT

(17:30 BST, 18:30 CET, 09:30 AM PT, 12:30 PM ET, 02:30 EAT), at the end of the Sunset Safari.


We are very excited about this new type of WildEarth Expedition and are looking forward to bringing the Mara ‘to you, together with you’! We hope we’ll meet you there!