As the birds herald the new day and dawn lifts the heavy blanket of night, the aroma of coffee mixed with the unique smell of the African bush welcomes you. Munching on rusks dipped in steaming coffee and with the sun’s touch on your face promising warmth to come, you claim your place on the open safari vehicle, ready for a day of adventure.

Your naturalist follows the dirt track road, pointing out sightings and stopping to show interesting features and the smaller creatures. Impalas and wildebeests abound, their ears flicking as they feed while the zebras watch you solemnly as you pass them. A heavy crash in the bush lets you know there are buffalo ahead and the quiet rumble of an elephant leads you to a herd drinking their fill at a dam. A crocodile cruises slowly past, alert and deadly.

The sudden, strident alarm call of guinea fowls has you scanning the thickets and a leopard is spotted just ahead, loping elegantly through the bush with a plan in mind. She has a kill hoisted and her hungry cubs are not far behind. She calls them softly, letting them know that it is safe to come out and they spring up behind her, tails windmilling for balance.

Further along, another herd of impalas stare pointedly and snort, alert to movement as a lioness raises her head from the grass. The herd stays on guard, but she has bloody jowls and a full belly and the impalas relax, drifting away. She flops back down with her pride mates, too lazy to be interested in catching another meal.

If this sounds like the perfect start to a holiday, then WildEarth has the Expedition for you! In partnership with Djuma, WE are offering an exciting Expedition into the African bush that you love so much. Tumbeta House, situated deep in the heart of the Djuma wilderness, is a luxurious retreat that fuses African tradition with the modern, sweeping you into the magnificence and beauty of South Africa’s Lowveld.

Tumbeta House sleeps six people in three en-suite bedrooms, all with views out over the Djuma wilderness. A wrap-around veranda (called a “stoep” in the Afrikaans vernacular) is the perfect place to enjoy early morning coffees and nightcaps and a raised viewing deck adjacent to the swimming pool offers views out over the surrounding bush of the Greater Kruger National Park. Food and beverage requirements will be supplied and prepared by the in-house chef.

New features include a “sleepout” deck, where guests can experience the magic of spending the night under a canopy of stars with only a mosquito net separating them from the thrilling African night, and a revolutionary eye-level hide – the only one of its kind in the Sabi Sands. This hide will offer guests the opportunity to view and photograph animals at eye level as they come down to drink at a waterhole in front of Tumbeta House, giving the traditional safari experience a whole new perspective!

WildEarth is offering places on the Djuma Expedition this year 27-31 May 2022 for 3 rooms (max 6 people) and for one female (to share with another female) on 9-13 June. For further information on available dates and tariffs, please visit and book your spot on this once in a lifetime Expedition, as places are limited.