This week, with World Environment Day approaching, WE are anticipating a wonderful week of sightings as we take a closer look at the web of life. The symbiotic nature of the bush is evident everyday and WE are always in awe of the circle of life as we watch it in action all around us. Even a death, though sad to witness, benefits all, as those released nutrients help to keep other animals alive, from the apex predators to the tiny insects and even the microbes in the soil, which in turn flourish and grow and feed others.

WE love discovering the interconnections of our world and this week our guides will be showing us examples of how complex and beautiful the web of life is, and how we all depend on each other and our environment for survival. From the oxpeckers and buffaloes to the lions and impalas, our guides will showcase the symbiotic relationships of the bush.

World Environment Day, celebrated globally on 5th June, is a reminder of the delicate balance of our world and how we are all interdependent on each other. To celebrate this special day and help raise awareness in the generation to come of the web of life that surrounds and connects us all, WE will be hosting a connected safari and asking all kids for their questions!  

Send your kids’ questions to and make sure you join us for this special safari all about the web of life with Tessa and Cedric. Here’s to a wild, wonderful and connected week ahead!