Hosana, our Little Chief, will be celebrated in a Fireside Chat dedicated to his memory next Sunday 22nd of May, hosted by Tristan Dicks. After the sudden and heartbreaking news of his death, WE would like to commemorate this amazing leopard whose resilience and irrepressible nature were an inspiration to so many around the world. 

Born into the spotlight on February 2nd, 2016, Hosana immediately nestled into our hearts alongside his sister Xongile. We watched, entranced and awe-struck, as his mother Karula allowed us to spend time with her cubs and be a part of their lives. Hosana grew quickly into a boisterous handful of a teenager, filled with curiosity and a character that matched his indomitable spirit and WE loved watching every step in his journey.

Hosana became wonderfully successful as a leopard, carving out his own territory and going on to sire cubs of his own. The Queen had taught her royal progeny well and even after her disappearance when the cubs were a little over a year old, both of them successfully fended for themselves. However, tragedy struck the siblings again and Hosana was left alone when his sister vanished.

To our immense pride, Hosana never faltered and WE cheered him on through all the heart-stopping moments that helped to shape him as he became an integral part of our lives. His penchant for livening up any interaction kept us all entertained and WE will never forget the day when he fell asleep using some leftover meat as a pillow. Hosana brought so much joy into the world with his charm and personality. This incredible cat touched us all with his life and although it was short, he burned brightly and will always be remembered as our Little Chief, the Prince of Djuma.

Tune into our Fireside Chat with Tristan on Sunday 22nd May to share in our memories of Hosana and celebrate his life that inspired us all.