This week is all about our naturalists! The Safari Guide of the Year awards kicks off on 28th May and our Saturday evening Fireside Chat will unveil the five contestants who will be competing in this fantastic competition.

Around the fire we are privileged to welcome back Michelle and Godfrey from FGASA, as well as Eugene from Bushwise, the new venue where the awards will be hosted this year. Our special guests will give us some fascinating insight into this tough competition so make sure you join us on 28th May at 7:30pm CAT, just after the sunset safari. (Available to our Explorers only.)

Created in 2011 by FGASA, the Field Guide Association of Southern Africa, these awards not only put naturalists through a gruelling series of tests conducted by the judges, but also serve to encourage and inspire all guides and remind them that as naturalists, they are also proud ambassadors of our country. WE are looking forward to broadcasting the LIVE award ceremony on 1st July on all of our platforms where we will find out who will win the prestigious title for 2022.

With us in Djuma this week will be Cedric and Liam with Tessa joining the team later on as Liam takes some well deserved leave. Chris will continue to enthrall us with his knowledge at Pridelands.

Sit back and relax in the beautiful African bush with us this week as WE immerse ourselves in nature!