Are you up for a gruelling challenge that will test your knowledge, wildlife skills and bushcraft to the limit? Then be sure to join us as we take a closer look at one of the toughest competitions in the safari guide calendar!

This weekend, we will be warming up for the SGOTYs with our Fireside Chat. This coveted award is sought after by guides throughout southern Africa and is well known for being not only an incredibly tough competition but also highly rewarding. WE will be introducing the five chosen candidates who are no doubt already feeling the nerves and excitement of the big event. Who will your favourite be?

Joining us around the fire to reveal the exciting details of the awards will be Michelle and Godfrey who WE are welcoming back from last year and also newcomer Eugene from Bushwise, the new hosts for the 2022 awards.

This competition is a week-long contest, introduced in 2011 by the Field Guide Association of Southern Africa. The five challengers will battle it out in a variety of tests in front of a panel of twelve judges, who watch their every move and record their every mistake! Experienced field guides themselves, the judges are demanding and unforgiving and they will select only the very best competitor to take home the final prize. The challenges the guides will be facing range from tracking and spoor, birdcalls and bushcraft, to target shooting and even driving the judges on a safari.

The Safari Guide of the Year Awards 2022 is all set to be an exciting and dramatic week filled with tension, laughter, camaraderie and trials, so let the games begin! 

Join us at our Fireside Chat on Sunday 28th May at 7:30pm Cat as we set the stage for this fabulous, fun-filled and nail-biting event! This Fireside Chat is exclusive to our Explorers only.