This week is going to be an absolute blast, not only in our beloved bush, but also under the sea! We are welcoming back Lauren Arthur who will be ringing in the very special World Oceans Day on 8th June with an underwater diveLIVE special two hours after our usual sunset safari at 8:30pm CAT! South Africa boasts some of the most beautiful and dangerous coastline in the world but what is under the wild waves is just as spectacular. 

Join us as we raise awareness for what is happening in our oceans with this special two-hour underwater safari.

We will keep the magic flowing from 8th June to 11th June with more shows from the deep, showing you what is beneath the sparkling blue of South Africa’s Oceans. We also have a brand new range of merchandise on offer for all you water babies out there! Check it out at

In case you haven’t heard, WE are bringing you a brand new waterhole webcam in Mashatu, Botswana, previously known as Pete’s Pond! Later in June, the cam, with new and upgraded equipment, will open a window into the life of the Mashatu Reserve. The camera will be operating between the Sunrise Safari and Penguin Beach where our team of naturalists will be showing you the bush live and answering your questions. 

In more exciting news, WE are welcoming back Trishala Naidu, who WE are delighted to have joining us from 9th to 19th June. Stay tuned to see what she has in store for us. 

Tristan Dicks is also back in action with WE and ready and waiting for all your questions! He is hosting an Ask-Me-Anything show on 8th June at 6:30pm CAT, straight after the sunset safari and before diveLIVE where he will answer as many questions as he can throughout the show. So warm up those typing fingers and get ready to send your questions through. This special event with Tristan is exclusive to our Explorers.