WE are all about Wild Dads this week as we talk about the males of the bush. Some make better fathers than others and James Hendry will be with us all week as he explores the good and the bad of what it means to be a Wild Dad!

WE are looking forward to what Chris Erasmus will be showing us this week from Pridelands as he explores on foot for our favourite Bushwalk.

In exciting news, WE have commenced the final testing phase of our brand new content and if all goes well, this is the week WE will be introducing you to the first of our live footage from some new areas. Keep watching over the coming weeks as we usher in new places to see, new animal characters to love and of course some of our well known and best loved guides.

As part of our new content, this week WE hope to kick off the new live content with something a little different. As the first of our new dam cams come online, our in-house naturalist will be welcoming you to Mashatu, Botswana. In the area previously known as Pete’s Pond, this dam cam, controlled and narrated from our mission control in Johannesburg, will be livening up your day. Stay tuned and keep your fingers crossed with us as we finalize the testing and hopefully go live soon.