What does World Environment Day mean to you? A day to celebrate the special planet that we live on? Perhaps to take a walk in the wilds and remind yourself about the intricate web of life that connects us all? Maybe to educate your children and share with them how, through systems like symbiosis, the world is kept in balance and must be protected for all of us to thrive. 

At WildEarth, we know what World Environment Day means to us. A day to help raise awareness for the plight of our natural environments. Through connecting people around the globe to the wonders of the wild and the animals we all love so much on a daily basis, WE hope to give back just a little of what the world has given to us. To inspire others to make the changes that are good for not only themselves, but also for our planet because small, sustainable changes add up, and will help to make sure we keep our earth healthy and whole.

Tessa Woollgar, one of our naturalists, agrees with us. To Tessa, World Environment Day is, “an incredibly special opportunity for us to celebrate our environments, the care of them and ultimately the preservation of them! This is a wonderful chance for us to let the world know that it is up to us to make the changes needed to keep our environments the way they should be for future generations.”

WE couldn’t agree with her more! When we asked Cedric about what this day meant to him, he said, “Living sustainably in harmony with nature is of real importance to me,” and he urges us all to take care of nature.

To learn more about the environment on this globally celebrated day, WE are going to take a closer look at the web of life. The symbiotic nature of the bush is evident everyday and WE are always in awe of the circle of life as we watch it in action all around us. This week our guides will be showing us examples of how complex and beautiful the web of life is and on 5th June, to raise awareness in the younger generations about how we are all connected to the world, WE will be hosting a connected safari and asking all kids for their questions!  

Send your kids’ questions to and make sure you join us for this special sunset safari 5th June at 3:30pm CAT with Tessa and Cedric.