Be captivated by the natural beauty of South Africa

Adams&Adams invites you to join us at this year’s AIPLA Global networking event for an extraordinary experience: A Virtual Safari Game Drive, to enjoy South Africa’s natural beauty and awe-inspiring wildlife from the comfort of your chair.

This virtual safari will transport you to the heart of the South African bushveld and allow you to visit two of the country’s leading game reserves – Djuma Private Game Reserve and Pridelands.

Djuma Private Game Reserve forms part of the privatised Sabi Sands Game Reserve and boasts a wealth of diverse wildlife species, all of which are viewed in their natural and undisturbed surroundings.

Pridelands is home to a wide variety of game, including the Big 5, cheetah and wild dog. The landscape is made up of tall knobthorn woodlands, bushwillows and open areas punctuated with waterholes where herds of elephants drink and swim.

This interactive experience will enable you to engage with the game rangers who will be taking you on this safari, allowing you to ask any questions which you might have as you go on this exhilarating journey.

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