Become a WildEarth Explorer and help us to continue sharing nature with the world

Our WildEarth Explorers programme is aimed at bringing like-minded people together in support of our sharing real and authentic nature with the world.

This programme allows you to support WildEarth on a monthly basis while receiving various benefits ability to watch ad free, the opportunity to win fantastic travel prizes, exclusive access to additional content, early opportunities to expeditions and much more.

Please help us connect people with nature by becoming a WildEarth Explorer.

Become a WildEarth Explorer

You can become an Explorer for as little as $5.99 per month. The more you are able to pay as an Explorer the more you help WildEarth keep our LIVE broadcasts free for all. By choosing a higher contribution level you, also help with keeping the broadcasting available for free to everyone.

We have updated our user management system, please click on the button below to visit the new site, where you can choose your Explorer subscription, register or login with your existing account by resetting your password and ‘Become an Explorer’.

Become an Explorer

WildEarth Explorer Benefits

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