Bird is the Word

A two day birding blowout where we challenge ourselves to find as many of our feathered friends as possible.

22nd and 23rd July

In conjunction with Birdlife South Africa, WildEarth is hosting a big birding blowout for two days. Bird will be the only word on everyone’s lips for these days where we are going to search for as many of Africa’s beautiful birds as possible. Get your notepads and pens ready, this is going to be one list to remember.

On Friday 22nd July, Jax will be joined by Dr Alistair Mcinnes who is a Birdlife Ornithologist on Penguin Beach.

On Friday 22nd July at 7.30pm, WE will be holding a special birding Fireside Chat which will include a number of Ornithologists from Birdlife South Africa and also James and Tess from Djuma and Lauren from Amakhala.

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In addition various Birdlife Ornithologists will join James, Tessa and Lauren on SafariLIVE and Escape to Nature on Saturday 23rd July for another day of birding madness.

At the same time Birdlife South Africa will be holding their virtual bird fair. This will be an epic line-up of speakers, exhibitors, and workshops, and the opportunity to connect with other avid birders across the continent, and the world. Click here to join.

WildEarth is a gold sponsor for the Birdlife South Africa Bird Fair. Click here to find out more.