Hyena Hullabaloo –  “A week long celebration of hyenas” – 13th to 18th June 2022

Long misunderstood as dim-witted, gluttonous scavengers, the hyena, over the years has had a “serious PR crisis on its paws.

Here at WildEarth, our beloved Djuma Clan have allowed us a chance to set the record straight.

So now it’s time to honor this critical animal and join our Hyena Hullabaloo.

Trishala Naidu and Ale Olivieri, naturalists and self confessed hyena lovers, will be at Djuma all week.

Throughout the week we will be playing out memories and moments from the Djuma Clan over the years. WE would like to hear from you as to your favourite sighting and maybe we can play it out. Send your ideas to hyena@wildearth.tv with a date if possible and we will do our best to dig it out from the archives.

WE would also like your help in voting for names for our brand new hyena cubs. Once you have watched the videos below, please cast your vote here. (In order to vote you must be logged in.)

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Fireside Chat

On Saturday 18th June we will hold a special Fireside Chat where the names of the new cubs will be announced. Open to all registered viewers, join Trishala and Ale as they take a trip down memory lane with The Beloved Djuma Clan.

Watch Here

Hyena Cub Names

Heart’s cub:

MOYA /Moh-yah/ (wind; soul) [Xitsonga]
XILUVA /Shee-loo-vah/ (flower) [Xitsonga]
MBILO /M-bee-loh/ (heart) [Xitsonga]

Ribbon’s Cub (intact ears):

MATIMBA /Mah-tee-mbah/ (strength) [Xitsonga]
/Shoh-nge-lah/ (defender of the weak) [Xitsonga]
/Why-lee/ (crafty; cheeky)

Ribbon’s Cub (nicked ears):

RHANGANI /Rah-ngah-nee/ (adventurer) [Xitsonga]
/Tweh-lah/ (empathetic; sensitive) [Xitsonga]
/Spi-ruht/ (character; soul)

Ntima’s Cub (1):

LOKI /Low-kee/ (mischief) [Norse]
/Hlo-nga-vee/ (can’t be tamed) [Xitsonga]
/Shi-hle-koh/ (giggles) [Xitsonga]

Ntima’s Cub (2):

KIRA /Kee-rah/ (beam of light) [Hebrew]
/Khem-bah/ (faithful) [Norse]
/Mee-kah-te-koh/ (blessed one) [Xitsonga]

Swazi’s Cub:

SAGA /Saa-guh/ (story) [Icelandic
MATIMU /Mah-tee-moo/ (history made) [Xitsonga
MASINGITA /Mah-sing-gee-tah/ (surprise) [Xitsonga]

Corky’s Cub:

KOA /Koh-wuh/ (bold; fearless; brave) [Hawaiian]
/Kah-loo-lah/ (energetic; speedy) [Xitsonga]
/Dzoo-nah-nee/ (leader) [Xitsonga]

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