In memory of Eric

Eric was a devoted husband, hands-on father, hard-working man and animal enthusiast. Growing up in Canada we often heard stories about his family trips to safari and how much he loved animals. Once moving to Canada, trips to safari were less but his passion for animals remained. A couple of years ago he started watching live drives of the animals in their wild. He loved learning from the rangers and watching the animals for hours.

I was really grateful for the WildEarth show because it became integrated into our family routine – myself, my daughter (his granddaughter) and him sitting on the couch watching the animals in the park while chatting about what we had learned. It brought him so much happiness during a time that seemed so dark.

We have created a donation page with WildEarth in honour of Eric. Money raised will help to keep their channel running.

WildEarth will provide a small plaque with Eric’s name to be mounted on one of their live safari vehicles at Djuma Private Game Reserve in South Africa.