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Our Wildlife Conservation Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are the first of their kind, as they contribute directly to conserving the habitat in which each individual animal lives.

Wildlife conservation is all about conserving wildlife habitat, and as a portion of the value of each sale goes directly to the custodian of the land the animal lives on, the buying and selling of these NFTs provide an ongoing financial incentive to them to keep conserving and protecting wild habitat.

We are set to grow our Animal Registry across the globe and contribute to wildlife conservation perpetually by providing a new income source to habitat custodians.

Establish direct relationships with animals across our global footprint

With our Wildlife Conservation NFTs, you’ll be able to build a personal relationship with individual wild animals by receiving special updates and access to your animals’ sightings. Further, you’ll gain access to events on wildlife conservation and engage in conversations with custodians and the WildEarth community.

What is a Wildlife animal NFT collection?

Each NFT collection is linked to one unique individual animal. E.g. the Karula Collection is for the leopard Karula. There is a maximum cap of NFTs per collection that can be minted and a limited window in which they can be minted. For every NFT minted, WildEarth mints one extra NFT into our treasury to be sold at a later stage to provide continuous income for the custodians.

The NFTs of every animal collection display their animals’ portrait, their name, their Animal Registry ID as well as their unique NFT serial number. In time you’ll be able to update your NFT’s portrait by selecting different sightings of that animal from the WildEarth Library.

A game-changer in the conservation landscape

Royalties of every (re-)sale support the habitat and its animals in perpetuity


40% of every NFT sold by
WildEarth is directly paid to the
custodian of the wildlife habitat


8% of every future resale is paid
in local currency to the custodian of habitat

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Generated revenue for Djuma Game Reserve
“WildEarth has been a trusted partner on our journey as a reserve to become less reliant on consumptive uses of this wild environment. These individual animal Non-Fungible Token collections are an exciting new addition to a long history of nature tech innovations that just might be the breakthrough we need.”
Jurie Moolman, custodian of Djuma Game Reserve

WildEarth NFT Collections

Introducing WildEarth’s Genesis Collections

We are launching 25 animal collections which together form our set of Genesis Collections: 11 leopards, 9 lions and 5 hyenas. Our regular viewers will recognise these special & unique animals from Djuma Game Reserve. View our videos below and see detailed descriptions by clicking on the animals on our Mint-page to learn more about the Genesis Collections animals.

All NFTs of all animal collections can be either minted (created) directly into your wallet by connecting you Metamask or a WalletConnect wallet. Alternatively you can buy NFTs via credit card, and we will mint the NFTs into your wallet for you within 24 hours. The Genesis collection NFTs are sold for US$200 or 120 MATIC. You can mint up to 10 unique NFTs per animal collection.

How it works

Join the WildEarth NFT community

Engage in our WildEarth NFT community on Discord to take part in our conversations about wildlife conservation,
learn how to become whitelisted to win NFTs and take part in our quizzes and prize draws.

Next event: Discord AMA (Townhall) with Graham Wallington (CEO) and Peter Braat (CTO)
January 28 2022 at 4 pm GMT

The Animal Registry Roadmap

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